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Wheel Alignment : Wheel alignment consists of aligning the angles of (front)wheels of a car, which reduces the steering vibration to minimum, and other benefits reducing  long term depreciation of wheels, axel  and chassis. Today even tyre manufactures doesn't cover the warranty for misalligned tyres.

As per various surveys, wheel alignment must be checked at every 5000 KM for best milage of tyres.

Sindlal Motor Parts Stores cosist of team with 18 + years of experiece in wheel alginment and wheel balancing and are equipped with the latest technology (Laser wheel aligner, 3-D wheel balancer) - a must for air bags equipped cars.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment



1) Your Car Tyres will last longer

2) Minimize the Vehicle wear

3) Better fuel milleage

4) Better Handling and overall performance of your vehicle

5) Safer Vehicle Operation