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Wheel Balancing consists of distributing the mass within the tyre or wheel (including the rim attached). When unbalanced wheel rotates it causes wobbling, i.e. it leads to vibration of steering or the entire vehicle, and causes ride disturbance in high speed. Unbalanced tyres can also damage the suspensions of cars.

Wheel balancing must be checked along with wheel alignment in every 5000 Km or when new tyres are installed. 

Sindlal Motor Parts Stores cosist of team with 18 + years of experiece in wheel alginment and wheel balancing and are equipped with the latest technology (Laser wheel aligner, 3-D wheel balancer) - a must for air bags equipped cars.

Benefits of Wheel Balancing

1) Better Vehicle Operation and Performance

2) Increased Traction and Stability

3) Less wear and damage Seen, Even with the Best Tyres and Models

4) Longer Tyre Life means less cost for replacements

5) Improved fuel efficiency is another benefit