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Wheel Rim Straightening: Wheel rim straightening is a process of smoothing the bends on wheel rim or alloy wheel. Wheels functions for both rolling, turning, and propelling a vehicle into motion, wheel rims require almost perfect balance and shape. Due to poor road conditions rims gets bend easily.

Bend Rims affects the health of tyre adversly, and could also cause damage to the axle while vehicle is on run., other than that tubeless tyres will keep on loosing there air pressure due to leakeages from bent-rims.

Sindlal Motor Parts Stores is equipped with hydraulic rim/alloy straightner - which can provide an instant repair on rim bends, at very nomianal charges.


Effects of Bend Rim/ Bend Alloys

1) Air Pressure doesnt last long

2) Heavy Vibrations on steering and in vehicle

3) Heaviness while driving - leads to low fuel mileage

4) Could damage the axle on run

5) Leads to inner wall damage to tyre - non claimable defect